Sometimes, Writers Block is really bad. Notice that I capitalized it? That’s because it’s a monster of entirely its own species. It feeds on writer’s weaknesses and keeps their dreams from becoming a reality.

But who is the culprit? If Writers Block isn’t a physical being, what is it?

It’s you.

Maybe you’re bored with a project, maybe you lack motivation, maybe you don’t think your story has what it takes, maybe you don’t know what to do next… But that doesn’t mean you need to fight yourself. After all, there are other monsters to battle. Nor does it mean that you should give up.

As I’ve made clear in other posts, there are many ways to destroy Writers Block. Recently, it’s been extremely hard for me to write. Not only creative writing, but (as you’ve probably noticed) blog posts. I’ve just lacked the motivation, especially with everything else I have going on. I have SO many projects, many of which don’t have anything to do with writing.

Last night, I texted my grandmother and told her that I was taking a break from my current novel, Cassius. She’s been reading it chapter by chapter and asking for more each time, which was a great source of motivation for my writing. It showed me that my writing is enjoyable (my grandmother wouldn’t act like she loved it if she didn’t… I’ve learned that with some of my previous stories), and that I need to stick with it.

But what with my overwhelming amount of other projects, I started to neglect Cassius.

When I told her I wasn’t planning on continuing it, it made me feel bad. I wanted to give it another chance.

So I did something that I will now do every time I have Writers Block.

I tricked myself.

“I’m just going to write one more sentence,” I told my Mom.

“Just one more sentence,” I told myself.

A few paragraphs later, my writers block (no longer capitalized, see?) was gone. Completely, totally, not-a-trace-of-its-tyranny gone. I’ve fallen in love with the book all over again, and I even decided to submit it to be promoted on Wattpad.

The thing is, sometimes you just need to start writing. It can be hard to take that step; believe me, I know! That’s why you need to start with a small step. Just one sentence can turn into just one paragraph. Just one paragraph can turn into just one chapter. Just one chapter can turn into just one book. Just one book can turn into just one series. Just one series can turn into just one library.

Soon, the ones will add up.

Start with a small step, and work your way up.

Trick yourself. Just trust me. Try it!

Also, I’ll be posting more regularly now.

After I wrote a list of all my projects, It’s been a lot easier to keep up with them without feeling pressured. Plus it’s almost summer vacation, and I’ll be graduating (the life of a homeschooler, eh? Always ahead of the game…), which should free up some time (until college).

One more thing. You know how sometimes a writing project means everything to you, but when you want someone else to read it and love it just as much as you do they see it as a chore?

Well, I could REALLY use some more feedback on Cassius. It would mean a lot to me if you checked it out on WATTPAD.

I know that I’ve told a few people that I’d read their projects and give feedback, but as I said I’ve had a lot going on and my commitments tend to slip my mind whenever I actually have free time. Now that I’ve been writing these things down, it’s easier. If I told you I would, please send me your project via the Writer’s BloK contact page so I have a chance to read it.

That’s it for now. Thanks for sticking with me, writers!

c. marie bohley magic style

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