The Kingdom of Ink

Okay... so it's been a while. After finishing my second semester of college, I've been spending every free second I have on my many, many projects. I finished writing and editing my YA fantasy novel Darkness Rise, started taking an online archaeology course, wrote a chapter book that I'm in the middle of illustrating, sent…

Destroying Writers Block

Sometimes, Writers Block is really bad. Notice that I capitalized it? That's because it's a monster of entirely its own species. It feeds on writer's weaknesses and keeps their dreams from becoming a reality. But who is the culprit? If Writers Block isn't a physical being, what is it? It's you. Maybe you're bored with a…

What Kind Of Character Are You?

I started a blog just for roleplaying as our characters. Come check it out- it’s hosted by Flair!

Character Corner

Here’s a little quiz I made for all of us characters. People think authors do all the work, but we do all the work and they get all the credit! Why do they get their names on the front of the book, but not the very beings that hold up the walls of the story?

Sorry, sorry. I tend to rant.

So anyway, take this quiz to find out what kind of character you are. In other words, how you move the plot along and effect the story. Enjoy!

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My Writing Life

The lack of posting is not due to laziness (me? lazy? No way), but to a very busy schedule. I thought I'd give you all an update on my writing, which I haven't gotten to do in a while. Some of you know that I finished a novella a month or two ago. It's a…

The Hunger Games- From Peeta’s Eyes (10)

Chapter Ten Katniss leaves the cave, and I lay alone in the darkness thinking about… thinking about everything. There’s not a single thought that I go over in my brain, but a series of several thoughts. How can I pick one? Everything is so overwhelming, so confusing, so perfectly perfect while also dreadfully dreadful. My…

The Hunger Games-From Peeta’s Eyes (2)

Chapter Two “They don’t have much of a selection this year, do they?” Glimmer remarks as she rummages through the cornucopia. I’ve learned that she’s the most talkative of the careers; her mouth runs incessantly and no one can make it stop. Marvel looks up from a bag of fruit strips, which he’s found a…