I didn’t even know what a bunion was before my Mom found out she had one last year, and it was only when she described it to me that I said, “Hey, I think I have that, too.” It turned out that I had bunions on both feet, but one is much more severe.

For those of you who don’t know what a bunion is, it is a bone deformity of the joint at the base of the big toe. Once the bone is off-track, it will continue to grow in the wrong direction. It can be caused by wearing tight shoes (which I always did when I was younger) and also genetically (which is the case for me as well).

My Mom hasn’t had to have surgery for her bunion, because it’s mild and doesn’t bother her much. It progresses much faster in adolescents, so for me, surgery is reasonable. I’ll be having surgery on my right foot this month, and a year from now I’ll have surgery on the left (they can’t do both at once). My bunion is moderate, but recently it’s been hurting much more and the difference between how it looks now and how it looked a few weeks ago is dramatic.

Recovery time is 6 months to a year, which is unfortunate considering I’ll be able to drive in a few months… but at least my passion is writing, which doesn’t require using my foot.

I’ll be posting updates on the bunion surgery process. A pre-surgery post a few days before the surgery, and a few post-surgery ones. Hopefully I’ll have all of you excellent readers to keep me company during my recovery!


c. marie bohley magic style

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