Hello everyone,

I just wanted to do a quick post to honor one of our cows, Dixie. She passed away this morning, leaving her sister Winnie behind. Winnie seems pretty confused right now, but hopefully going out to spend time with her over the next few days will help her.

Dixie was a sweet, completely adorable Jersey calf who died today at just under a year old. I think we’ll all miss her, but as I’ve learned over the past few years on our farm, death is an important part of life. It was just Dixie’s turn to go.


We loved her. She was such a good cow.

Bye, Dixie.

c. marie bohley magic style

4 thoughts on “Dixie

    1. She was a sweetheart. I went to say goodnight to Winnie a little while ago and she was acting lonely. She let me pet her and everything, while she’s usually skiddish. She’ll get better, though.

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