I was bored earlier (someone was using the computer so I couldn’t type…) so I decided to practice some makeup FX and photo editing. I only did three (it takes some time to get the makeup back off) but I’m still pleased with the results.

The first one is ‘painted girl.’ It’s nothing crazy, but it took longer than you might suspect. I actually drew scales with an eyeliner pencil before I added color, but you can’t tell.


The next is a girl from the fifties, but you can’t tell because the black and white makes the makeup look too natural… oh well. Here it is anyway.

best baw

Lastly is vampire Carynn. I have a few pictures, but this one is my favorite. I edited the eyes to make them red.

Vampire pointing to tooth RED EYES2.png

Which one is your favorite and why? Also, what other makeup FX/characters/creatures should I try? Comment below!

Until next time,

C. Marie Bohley magic style

6 thoughts on “Random Makeup FX

    1. I’ve been getting into painting recently because my dad is really good at it, but I don’t seem to know what I’m doing. What sort of things do you paint? I’ve only practiced landscapes.

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      1. People most of the time. I’ve done landscape but I don’t really care for painting nature. I usually also carry a lot of my skills from years of sketching and drawing a on paper. Don’t worry about knowing what you’re doing no knew what they were doing when they started. Just keep practicing and you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t 🙂

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