A city where magic is banned.

A girl with a dangerous secret.

A journey begins…

Darkness Rise by Carynn Bohley

Sospes is the only magic-free civilization in Mysticus. People with supernatural abilities—known commonly as wielders—are banished upon discovery.

Kydessia Swift, daughter of the current mayor and descendant of the city’s founder, has a secret: The forces of nature are hers to command.

Following a betrayal, Dessie finds herself being cast out of the only home she’s ever known. Now vulnerable to the wild creatures beyond Sospes’ border, she must journey to the one place she knows where she’d be accepted.

But the trees have been whispering of a rising darkness. Peace might not be as easy as she thought.

Will Dessie’s path lead her into danger, or will she reach her safe haven?

My YA fantasy ebook, Darkness Rise, will be free all weekend. Add it to your kindle bookshelf before it’s too late!

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