Long time no post!

My last post was on my birthday, which was a month ago tomorrow. I’ve had a lot going on (I promise that’s not just a lame excuse) so I haven’t really had a good opportunity to even go on WordPress.

First of all, I’m officially a homeschool high school graduate! I had to do school during the summer in order to finish early, and I’m really happy I did. Now I’m waiting to see if I’ve been accepted to Herkimer County College, where I plan to get my associates (online) in general studies, before moving to a four year school when I turn eighteen.

So yeah. I’m a bit out of breath just telling you all of that!

But wait, there’s more.

As you can tell by the title, I was in a short movie. I attend a summer program called ‘Script to Screen’ where we write, act, record and edit a short movie in FIVE DAYS. I did it last year, and you can check out that movie HERE.

This year I played the villain (again… what does that say about me?), and I’m actually really proud of it. Watch until the end- it gets good!


Anyhow, I’ve also been learning to drive (I got my permit in the mail a few weeks ago), writing (of course), listening to my favorite band on repeat (it’s become a bit of an obsession), and working on mine and my brother’s new YouTube channel.

Today is my little sister Amelia’s 3rd birthday, so I better wrap this up…

Make sure to check out my newest book on Wattpad, ‘Heart Throb!’

Heart Throb

Bella is completely in love with the famous teen pop star, Riley King, who she both envies and adores. When she runs into him at an ice cream shop after attending one of his concerts, sparks fly. Bella slowly learns that celebrity life is more complicated than she imagined, and Riley begins to understand the significance of his fame. 
But as their long-distance correspondence grows harder to hold onto, secrets build and misunderstandings take their tole on the couple's relationship. 
Does love always win out in the end- or is that only in fairy tales?

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