As you can see by the title, I’m officially 16 today! I’m slowly realizing that as you get older, birthdays seem less magical and more like any other day. The differences are, one, everyone acts more generous and patient with you, and two (if you’re turning an age like 16, 18 or 21), you have more rights.

I got my permit today, for example.

My Dad and I spent almost three hours in DMV in order to get it (the lines are crazy), but it was obviously worth it. I practiced a bit in an out-of-business K-Mart parking lot, and I didn’t run into anything… so I think I’ve done well so far.

I plan to watch the live-action Beauty and the Beast with the rest of my family in a little while, and I still have my birthday party to look forward to on the 20th.

Sweet sixteen! It’s crazy!


I’m having a medieval festival for my birthday, and I’ll probably post about it after the party. I’m super excited about it, so stay tuned!

c. marie bohley magic style

P.S. Who’s looking forward to the live-action Lion King??? I can’t wait to see it!




12 thoughts on “My Sixteenth Birthday!

    1. Thanks! I want to upload pictures from the party… but I’m still deciding if I can break the medieval theme by bringing my camera XD

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  1. Happy Birthday Carynn! My birthday was actually a few weeks ago, in the beginning of July. I get what you mean about birthdays becoming less magical as you get older.

    Have fun watching Beauty and the Beast!


    1. Thanks! Sadly it feels pretty normal… but driving is nice. And I’ll finally be able to get a job, which doesn’t hurt πŸ™‚

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