So my Mom, Lucas, Amelia and I were out yesterday grocery shopping, and I told my Mom that I wanted to get a betta fish. I’ve been asking to get a small pet for years, but I’ve only ever been allowed fish. When I was eight I had a rabbit (Princess Selenia), and since I didn’t take great care of her back then, my Mom wasn’t sure she wanted me to have any more pets.

My Mom utterly surprised me when she pulled up to Petco and said, “Take a look around and then come back.”

Lucas and I went inside, and we looked at the birds (not allowed to have birds, too loud and messy), lizards (not allowed to have lizards; my Mom hates reptiles), rats (not allowed to have mice or rats, my Mom associates rats with garbage and the Plague), and then guinea pigs.

I’ve never cared much for guinea pigs- rabbits have always been my favorite- but one of them caught my attention. It wasn’t just that she was adorable (which she was), but that she was extremely energetic and hilarious. She sprinted around her cage and crawled over her friend to get to the glass, and started jumping up on the side.

When I returned to the car, Lucas and I were both very excited. My Mom had me go back into the store with a notebook and pen (which I always have with me) to tally up the cost.

When I went back to the car, I had estimated that it would be about $70. My Mom and Amelia went inside with us this time to check it out (not Amelia so much, considering she’s only two…). I realized that the ‘cage+wheel+food dish+water container+starter bedding+starter food’ kit I found was for hamsters and smaller rodents, and my price estimation went up.

In the end, I purchased a guinea pig cage, mini shelter, water container, food dish, food, treats, wooden toys… and, of course, a guinea pig.

For the first five minutes in the car, her name was Piggy. My Mom talked me out of it, and her name became ‘Maisey.’ I still felt undecided, so I made a list of names (this list included names ranging from Swiss to Esme). Finally I decided on Tibby, a character in ‘The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants’ who has a guinea pig named Mimi.

Tibby stuck.

She loves her cage, and though I’m still struggling with patience, I’m letting her adjust before I handle her.

I have big plans for her. A travelling guinea pig show, Hollywood, Vegas…

Or maybe just cuddling up with her while I read, or making mazes for her to navigate.

Anyhow, I just wanted to share this with you. Maybe it doesn’t seem like a huge deal, but she’s part of my life now… and I completely love her.


Also, just wanted to add that this is Writer’s BloK’s

100th post!

That’s actually one of the reasons I haven’t posted in so long… I was sort of intimidated by the fact that this is post #100. I thought that it had to be really special.

But I decided that I wanted to share Tibby with all of you, and since she’s part of my life now, what the heck?

C. Marie Bohley magic style


5 thoughts on “Meet Tibby

  1. YASSSSSSS! Oh wow, she’s AMAZTASTIC abd BEAUTIFUL and that’s SO COOL!
    Okay, yeah, well. She is.
    I’ve had two gerbils and two mice before but I’ve always wanted a guinea pig cuz they’re so adorable.
    I expect many more photos of her and good luck! If you ever want advice or tips for taking care of her, let me know but I’m sure you’ve got it (:

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