Teen authors H.G Warrender (‘The Way She Sees It’ culture podcast) and Carynn Bohley (‘Precipice’) talk about the process of writing a book, short story, podcast or blog, and answer your writing questions.

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As some of you know, my cousin H.G Warrender and I are hosting a writing livestream tomorrow, Wednesday the 22nd at 7 PM. We’ll be answering questions, and giving writing tips. You can click HERE to check it out. Make sure to click the notifications bell so you’ll know when we begin!

Also, we’d like to build up a list of questions to talk about during the livestream (but you’ll also be able to talk to us during the live chat). Please comment questions you have about writing (ex. how do you find inspiration, how do you stick with a writing project, what’s the hardest part about writing, etc), and we’ll be sure to talk over them during the livestream.

We’re so excited for this, and I hope you all check it out once we’ve gone live!

c. marie bohley magic style

11 thoughts on “Teen Authors Talk Writing- Livestream

  1. What’s harder, starting a project, or finishing a project? How do you carve out time to write amidst the daily craziness of life? What’s you opinion on publishing through Amazon?

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      1. Thank you for the answers! I couldn’t get to watch the live stream, but I did get to watch the video after it ended, and it was really interesting and answered questions I’ve thought a lot about. Especially my questions, thanks for answering them, the Amazon one was especially helpful because I’ve been thinking about all the different publishing options for a while.

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  2. hi carynn, i’m watching your livestream right now and i can’t seem to log in to YouTube (this usually happens, i tend to forget my passwords) but… yeah i was watching.

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  3. hi again, so i’ve been watching your live stream for about 50 minutes and i have to go now but i’d like to say that i think it’s really great that you’re a writer and that you’re an inspiration to me. your cousin H.G is really great too, and you can tell her i understood when she just went on about her novel and it’s plot.

    yeah. i’m looking forward to reading more posts from you and good luck on all your writing endeavors!


    1. Thank you so much! I’m so happy you got to watch some of it… even if it seemed like we were sputtering nonsense the whole time 🙂

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      1. lol i seem to do that too sometimes. i actually got to the livestream late (i was doing homework when i remembered) and you where just starting, so perfect timing.

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