Hey everyone, I’m super excited (if you couldn’t tell by the exclamation points) to announce that my cousin and I (HG Warrender, author of The King’s Decree and a number of short stories) will be hosting a livestream intended for writers. We will be answering questions, and covering a few writing topics that we’ve chosen. It will be called ‘Teen Authors Talk Writing,’ and will be on YouTube on Wednesday (5/22/19) at 7PM Eastern time. I’ll be releasing an actual link and more information on Tuesday, so mark it on your calendars!

Also, as I said, we’ll be answering questions. These can be questions about writing, publishing, or us as writers. You can either comment them now (so we’ll have them before the livestream) or during the livestream, but we hope to have a collection prepared beforehand.

I’m so excited for this! Stay tuned for the post on Tuesday, and you can follow me on YouTube HERE. Thanks!

c. marie bohley magic style



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