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Hi! My name is Flair, and I’m a half-human-half-Centri (A Centri is a type of… ‘alien,’ as you Earth folk call creatures from other galaxies). My author, Carynn, suggested that I write a post where book characters can communicate, helping their writers to better understand them. To start off, I’ll tell you three things about myself (and you can do the same, after you introduce yourself).

  1. My only living parent isn’t my biological parent, and technically she isn’t alive. You see, she’s a robot. Long story…
  2. My hair is blue, as you can see above. Unlike my fully Centri friends, I have to dye my hair to have a non-human hair color. I didn’t know for most of my life that I was part human, so Mom (the robot, remember?), has been dying it once every cycle to disguise me.
  3. I sorta kinda maybe have a thing for a pilot-in training named Kaidan. He has shoulder-length silver hair, amber eyes… …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….sorry, I just lost my train of thought.
Kaidan Rinmaru
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What were we talking about again?

Not sure…

So anyway, use the comments to introduce yourself and chat. We can talk about our worlds, lives, families, relationships, annoyingly controlling writers who try to plot out our lives… (sorry Carynn, you’re amazing… a little bossy, but amazing…).

I’m so excited to meet some fellow characters!

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51 thoughts on “Roleplaying As Our Characters

  1. Hello! I’m Erin and I’m a normal 15-year-old human. I like to think I’m tall, but my friend Tyler says I’m rather short. I’ve been thinking about dying my dark brown hair a neon blue, but I haven’t really found the time between school and trying not to fall asleep.

    (I tried. Sorry that it’s the worst)


    1. Is your author overprotective? Carynn was pretty cool about me leaving my book, but I don’t know if others would be as chill about it.

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      1. My book is pretty new too. I honestly don’t know much about myself yet… which I guess is what it’s like for regular people. Self-discovery and everything, you know?

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      2. I don’t have any living family members, just my adopted Mom. But I’d say we’re close, even though she’s a robot.

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  2. Hi, I’m Coy. I’m thousands of years old. I narrate most of the blog posts on Alien Resort. The timing of your post was prescient, because tomorrow I expect to write a post that will reveal some secrets about our own characters.

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  3. Thana here. Do you need to know how old I am?

    I’m a proxy virtual soldier who represents the USA. Don’t ask who I’m fighting. Watch the news; you’ll hear plenty more from bloggers and reporters about my personal life than I’ll tell you (may or may not be the truth).

    I’m human, but sometimes I’m not sure; I’m far from normal.

    Sometimes I think I’m going crazy. Then I realize I’m not.

    That’s the worst feeling.

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    1. Nice to meet you Thana. No, you don’t have to say how old you are 🙂 I’m not exactly sure how old I am honestly, because I was taken from my planet after it was invaded when I was a baby and I’ve been being raised by a robot all this time… four cycles, don’t know how humans measure time… cycles? Anyway…

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      1. We measure time by the rotation and orbit of our planet around the sun. I’m fascinated by your story. Tell me more about the invasion of our planet.


      2. Actually it WAS Earth that was invaded. It’s sort of complicated, actually. An atomic war killed off most of the human race, so the Centri sent robots to pick off the remains and collect anything valuable. I was pretty young so I don’t remember Earth, as I’ve been raised in Centripeta. Sadly in my time Earth has been destroyed, so I can’t get much information about it. My mother was a human and my father was a Centri sent on a mission to Earth to gather information on humans. When he fell in love with mother he decided to stay, and so began my existence. That’s really all I know…

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      3. Sorry, I don’t know for sure… what year are you from? According to the Database, Earth was annihilated in the human year 3001.

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      4. Oh. Well maybe you’re lucky… some of the others I’ve encountered aren’t entirely friendly. It depends on the galaxy, really. Us Centri tend to be fairly neutral (sort of like humans).

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  4. Hey, I’m Emerson and – hang on. Sorry, I thought I heard something. Must be jumping to conclusions again! Hahaha… oh man I really hope that wasn’t a ghost…

    My town is a pretty normal town, but recently things have been a little weird. I actually just moved back here from NYC to take care of my dad, and I’ve reunited with some old childhood friends. It’s a bit of a drag being back here, but kind of nice to know the familiarity.

    Let’s see, what could I tell you about me. Well, I’m an artist. That’s why I was in New York – to go to Art school. But like I said: caretaking for my dad. I still paint on the side. Right now I have to work bartending at a restaurant to make enough money for gas and rent and whatnot. There’s a local guy, Chad, who comes in to drink every night. His wife left him. I think he’s lonely. But he’s friendly to me and we’ve gotten to know each other well, almost like an uncle figure.

    But this town is really weird lately. There’s strange sounds and people keep going missing. Oh, and I’m pretty sure that the abandoned K-Mart is haunted. I saw lights driving past it the other night.

    Hang on, I have to go. One of my friends is texting me. Something about needing an exorcism.

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  5. Nice to meet you, Emerson.
    That’s really weird. I don’t know much about Earth… but I’ve never heard of anything like that happening. I’m not even exactly sure what ‘ghosts’ are…
    I’m sorry about your dad. If I may ask, what’s wrong with him? My parents died in an atomic war when I was a baby.


    1. Oooh, right, cultural differences. Those are really interesting, huh? There was so much diversity in New York. Here in my town, it feels like everyone’s lived here their whole lives and everything stays the same. So basically, a ghost is a dead person’s spirit floating around and contacting living people.

      It’s, uh… well, it’s cancer. It’s really messy and painful to watch him go through it. He’s getting older and his body just doesn’t work right anymore.


      1. I wish I could understand what you’re going through… my only experience with parents is in my memories. But I can’t imagine losing them again, even if I can’t remember much about them.
        Ghosts sound… well, I’m just happy there aren’t any of those on my planet. Death is very rare here, so that could be why. Not sure.


  6. Hi! I’m… a squirrel. My name, funnily enough, is Squirrel. As you can tell, squirrels aren’t exactly the most creative of creatures. You probably don’t have any of us on your planet, but we’re just adorable little brown creatures that reside on planet Earth. I know a lot more than what people give me credit for, and I’ve had to see a lot more than I had ever wanted to. If you ask me, my author is good for nothing and doesn’t do enough. All she does is sit around and watch while a friend of mine falls apart. Let me tell you, not being able to talk is the most frustrating thing imaginable. I don’t have many relationships. As a squirrel, I’m pretty much running solo most of the time. Except for… except for when Celeste stops by. Even then, I don’t know how much longer she will. Squirrels don’t change. People do.

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    1. That’s so interesting! There aren’t many animals in Centripeta, and you’re right- I’ve never heard of ‘squirrels.’ I can’t imagine not being able to talk. Can you at least communicate with others of your kind?

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      1. Yep, I can, but I don’t do it often. Other squirrels are incredibly obnoxious, and they care nothing for humans. All they care about is if they’ll survive the next winter. They live only to make it to the next day, while I’ve learned to care about the humans that visit the park I live in.

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      2. What’s winter? I’ve never heard of that on my planet. It must be bad, with the way you said ‘if they’ll survive it.’

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      3. Ohh right, I forgot you wouldn’t have winter on your planet. Well, winter is just one of the four seasons here on planet Earth, there’s winter, spring, summer, and fall. Winter is the season where it gets really cold, and since squirrels are small and find our homes in the trees, (I don’t know if you have those either, it’s like a tall plant made out of wood, I guess) we have to collect our food and struggle to survive if it gets too cold. My author is so silly, she has to look up all this random information about squirrels, what winter is actually like, and how often squirrels survive the winter just to write about me! I think she’s wasting her time and that it’s not really interesting, but she has fun doing it, so whatever. The prospect of ‘winter’ is as exciting and foreign to my author as it is to you. What about you? Does the weather change on your planet at all?

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      4. Not really. Have you ever heard of the greenhouse effect? I live on a planet in the center of our galaxy with a hole that goes straight through the center called ‘Orbis.’ Heat radiated through the empty space in the center and gets trapped in Orbis’ atmosphere, so it’s almost always the same temperature (95 degrees Fahrenheit). My author loves research too, and sometimes I get annoyed because she does way more research than actual writing.

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      5. No, I haven’t, but that’s super interesting! It must stink with it being so hot all the time and never getting to have different weather. Totally agree with the author thing, she always seems to be researching but never actually writing. Your planet sounds way cooler than Earth!

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      6. I don’t know, I sort of wish I could experience the human life. It’s like I’m only getting half of what I should be, since I’m half human but don’t get to be with humans. I also want to see trees and squirrels and all that stuff you were talking about…

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  7. Eyo! I’m Hazel. I attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and I’m also an Instagram and YouTube star with my best friend Lane. There’s not much to say, I mean my English parents decided to send me to Hogwarts even though I was born in Canada. I have an annoying older brother, Sawyer, and I plan on dying my hair silver.

    I love One Direction and Ed Sheeran (like my author) and I’m flunking astronomy…

    Oh, did I mention I’m dating Harry Potters son? He’s real quiet, but once you get to know him he’s go a bunch of hilarious stories about his father getting recognized in public.

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    1. I just searched the Centripeta Database and discovered this thing you call ‘Hogwarts.’ I found a few articles and it sounds so exciting! And Harry Potter’s a hero! If you’re dating his son, does that mean you’ve actually met Harry?
      I have a friend with silver hair- oh, I think I mentioned that in the actual post. Well, it looks amazing. I’m not biased or anything, even considering KAIDAN’s the one I’m talking about…


      1. Yeah, I’ve met Harry. On the plane ride to my place I totally embarrassed myself by playing ‘Stitches’ by Shawn Mendes too loud because I thought I was sitting with my brother and he hates that song. Harry was pretty chill with it, but I don’t think he likes me.

        Albus (Harry’s son, and my boyfriend) is pretty awkward sometimes and I’m like 99% sure he inherited that awkwardness from his father.

        Also this Kaidan you speak of is really hot, I suggest you go talk to him! I had a huge crush on Albus before I actually started dating him. A mutual friend of ours Scorpius introduced us in an astronomy study session (did I mention I’m flunking it?) and I sort of accidentally asked him out.

        Long story there, but my author has published it to her blog. It’s weird having someone author your life.

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      2. I SO GET YOU (About the last part). I dunno about Kaidan. I’ve seen him in training a few times (I remain low profile when I watch the pilots practicing, and he’s so obviously the best). I was thinking I’d start training as a pilot as well, but I don’t want to feel like I’m only doing it because of Kaidan…

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      3. Mmm to you want to pilot? It sounds really cool (on Earth we have pilots too, but they just fly around our planet)! If you don’t feel really into it, then don’t do it. I don’t think anyone should ever do something just for a guy (or girl) if they don’t want to.

        But you so clearly love him! Argh this is hard advice. You could try and catch him after training, just be confident and talk to him.

        Maybe ask him out for lunch or ask if he needs help with anything. Find a way to talk to him. Oh and if you want to find out if he likes you back, a strategy that works marvelously is to ask a guy friend of yours who also knows him to ask him casually what he thinks of you.

        Or get your guy friend to say he likes you in front of Kaidan. Get Kaidans reaction.

        Hope I can help!

        (Hi Carynn, it’s the actual author here. Have you read Matched by Allie Condie? Just wondering… also am I taking this a tad bit too seriously!? Please let me know)

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      4. (Carynn- No way, it’s awesome! I think this is so much fun and super helpful in discovering our characters more inner problems and voices. I keep forgetting I’m not actually Flair… and no, I’ve never read that book. I’ll look it up. Back to Flair…)
        That’s excellent advice. I’m going to try soon to talk to Kaidan if I don’t get too nervous first… wish me luck!

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