So I must admit that I received way less entries than the last writing contest I hosted here on Writers BloK.

In fact… there were no entries this time.

Everyone’s been a bit busy I guess, and I did have a few people tell me (both through Writers BloK and email) that they wanted to enter but didn’t have time. It’s a bit disappointing (and sort of embarrassing to admit, though I know I must), but there’s always next time.

I definitely hope to host more writing contests. I think that summer is a busy time for everyone, while fall, winter and early spring give people more time to enter (as we saw with the last contest, which was obviously more successful).

Onto a happier subject, I’ve been walking around a lot today without my crutches and only with my special foot brace, and I haven’t experienced much pain since yesterday. Honestly, the recovery process isn’t as bad as I had expected. I just wish I didn’t have to go through it again with the next foot!

I got outside today and went to see Liberty and Winnie for the first time since Sunday (the day before my surgery). Liberty was so happy to see me. She was licking my and laying her head against me.


Me and Libby

She’s just so sweet. When we got her last summer, she was spoiled (she was a polo horse before she got navicular disease) and standoffish. Now she’s a total sweetheart, and I completely adore her.

Anyway, that’s all. I’m going to go back to my current writing project, which is honestly the first thing I’ve actually enjoyed writing in a long time.

c. marie bohley magic style

5 thoughts on “Writing Contest… No Winners?

  1. aww, your horses are so cute and sweet. hope you heal quickly!

    yeah, i totally would have entered, but i have AP Exams : ( i know a lot of people are busy in the summer but i’m going to spend my summer writing

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  2. I was going to enter but you basically posted it at the worst time you could have for me. I caught the flu in Greece and didn’t leave bed, little own write for a fortnight. If you do another one I’ll enter though.

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