My surgery is tomorrow morning at 8:45 AM, and the hospital where it will be done is over an hour away. I’ve been nervous all day, and I’m not sure how I’ll be able to sleep… but I’m probably over reacting.

Anyhow, I’m going to make a list of my expectations for tomorrow. When I feel up to it (after the surgery), I’ll make a list of how things actually went and how those things were different from my original predictions.

  1. I will wake up at 6:45 AM and get ready to leave, in which time I will be nervous and shaky.
  2. I can’t eat starting 12:00 AM tomorrow (I can eat a few hours after the surgery), but I won’t be hungry due to my nerves.
  3. The drive will make me anxious, and I’ll try to sleep. I won’t be successful.
  4. We’ll arrive at my grandmother’s house, where my aunt will be watching the kids. She’ll come out and say good luck to me (my grandparents are coming to the surgery with my Mom and obviously me).
  5. From there we’ll drive to the place the surgery will take place. I’ll be trembling and feel sick to my stomach.
  6. They’ll bring me into a room to get prepped for local anesthesia. I’ll be put in a hospital gown, then hooked up with an IV (the part I’m dreading the most). It will be completely awful and I’ll flinch away from the nurse, then apologize. I HATE needles. It will be painful.
  7. When the surgeon is ready for me, I’ll be brought to an operation room and the procedure will begin. It will take about forty-five minutes, and then I’ll be brought to the recovery room.
  8. My family will come into the recovery room to see me, and I’ll be completely out of it. My Mom will be recording me like I asked her to (I’m making a bunion surgery video to put on YouTube, with updates from before, the day of, and after). I’ll say something stupid and be embarrassed later on.
  9. Finally we’ll get to leave. I’ll be kind of hungry, but also drowsy. A nurse will push me in a wheelchair to the door, before my Mom (or Grandmother or Grandfather) take control and bring me to the car.
  10. I’ll get situated, and then we’ll stop somewhere and they’ll pick up food for me to eat (I won’t be able to go in, as I shouldn’t be going anywhere for the first two weeks). Then we’ll pick up the kids (who will all try and talk to me. My Mom will tell them to leave me alone because I need to rest).
  11. I’ll sleep the rest of the way home, then more on the couch. I’ll take more medication. I’ll eat (some of) my dinner.
  12. It will be a long night.

So those are my expectations. Yes I’m nervous. Very nervous.

That’s it I guess (until I’m able to post again- obviously after my surgery). Wish me luck!

c. marie bohley magic style

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