As promised, I’m posting a week before my surgery (6 days, actually). I recently had my pre-op appointment that doubled as a physical, and a few days before that I met and spoke with the surgeon who will be doing my surgery.

Luckily, he had some good news for me.

First of all, recovery time is far shorter than I was told a few months ago. This surgeon does this surgery many times a week (unlike the last one, who did two a month), and he’s far more experienced. He says that my recovery time should be 6 weeks, not 6 months to a year, and I can have the surgery on my other foot right after the first heals.  I should definitely be able to drive before my birthday (yay!).

At the moment, I have mixed emotions about the surgery. It isn’t a big surgery or anything, but I’m still nervous. Honestly I’m more nervous about the IV than anything else (I’m terrified of needles…) but I’ve heard that the first few days after the operation are extremely painful.

But I also want to get it over with.

I’ll be posting a post-operation post (a lot of posts in this sentence…) a day or two after the surgery if I’m feeling up to it, so stay tuned!

c. marie bohley magic style


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