Hello writers! 

I’ve decided to host another writing contest (this will be the second so far), but this time with a 500-word count. Keep reading to see the guidelines, and best of all, the prizes!


  1. You must be following Writer’s BloK. When you submit your entry, make sure to tell me your username so I can check to be sure you’re subscribed! Send your entries through the contact page, or to my email: C.Marie.bohley@gmail.com/
  2. Your entry can be any genre, but I ask that you keep it PG-13. 
  3. The word count, as said, must be 500 words. 
  4. Your entry should be a piece of writing that has not been published, and, needless to say, is your own. It can be flash fiction, a poem, or the beginning of a story.
  5. I will not be accepting new entries as of May 10th, and the top three winners will be announced. 
  6. Everyone is eligible to enter!



First Place Winner: $10 e-gift card of their choosing: Amazon, Books-A-Million, or Barnes & Noble.

Second Place Winner: The ebook authored by yours truly, ‘Precipice.’

Third Place Winner: Six printable bookmarks


Well, that’s it I guess. I’m looking forward to reading your entries!


Until next time,

c. marie bohley magic style


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