So… I’m officially a published author I guess?

A few days ago I was doing my schoolwork in my room (it’s impossible to concentrate when I’m with all of my younger siblings), when suddenly a book idea hit me. Don’t you just love when that happens?

But then I realized how hard it would be to make a full book out of the idea. I’ve never actually written a short story; I attempted a few times but they never turned out well. I decided to give it another try. I plotted out the story with ten plot points, took some notes on other things I wanted to include, did a bit of research, and then I had to do my chores and eat dinner.

Waiting to write was AGONY, but it gave me time to think about the story and build up inspiration. Finally, I sat down to write, and I didn’t leave the computer chair for nearly three hours (until it was finished). Afterward, I went to bed, and the following day I edited. And re-edited. And formatted on Kindle Create, which is what you format with if you’re publishing through Kindle Direct Publishing. It’s really easy to use, and now my book is live! Cover Option Two.png

17-year-old Rose Merula doesn’t know why she keeps returning to the cliff. It’s as if some strange force is pulling her there, and she can’t stop it from happening. A discovery of mysterious records leads Rose to believe that she’s a reincarnation of a girl who died thirty years ago from falling off the cliff, which makes Rose begin to panic- it’s getting harder to stay away.

Let me just say that it’s the coolest thing to see your name with (author) next to it on Amazon, showing your book (also with your name on it) on the side.

You can get my short story on your kindle, phone or other device for $0.99 (or free if you have ‘Kindle Unlimited’) by clicking HERE. Reviews would be so amazing and I’d really appreciate them!

c. marie bohley magic style


6 thoughts on “I Published a Short Story ebook!

  1. Ooh congratulations!! It sounds awesome but I don’t really read ebooks (I don’t read much online in general, come to think of it) but the blurb you gave in the post sounds really cool!


    1. That’s great! It’s super easy. I’m so happy I did it- it felt like I was taking a big step for myself and I have a lot more confidence in my writing 🙂

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