Arent interviews so fun?

Sophie Lloyd and I decided to interview each other about writing, animals, and life in general. We have a lot in common- we’re both teenage homeschoolers, bloggers, writers, and Christians. Click her name to go check out her blog, and click here to see the questions I answered on Sophie’s blog!

Me: Why do you blog?
Sophie: I started because one of my friends had one and I thought it was really cool. She doesn’t have social media, so it was the closest thing to it we could share. Also they’re tons of fun and mine teaches me to get things done on time and helps me (hopefully) become a better writer.
Me: What’s your biggest flaw?
Sophie: I think it’s my temperament. I can get super angry in a matter of seconds, and calm down just as quickly.
Me: What animal do you think best fits your personality?
Sophie: Maybe a cheetah or a mare.
Me: Who’s your biggest critic?
Sophie: Myself.
Me: What are your top three favorite books?
Sophie: Um…well aside from the ones in the Bible, I like Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Keeper of the Lost Cities: Flashback, and Kalahari.
Me: Half full or half empty? Why?
Sophie: Half empty. I’m not sure why, it just is.
Me: What’s your biggest goal, and do you think you’ll reach it?
Sophie: Right now my biggest goal is to become a successful do trainer, and yes I do think I’ll reach it but I don’t control the future, so who knows?
Me: What’s your favorite word?
Sophie: Flauccinaucinituhilpilification.
Me: If you could have any animal, what kind would you want?
Sophie: Maybe a unicorn (; But I also reallyyyyy want a Newfoundland dog.
Me: What book genre do you read the most often?
Sophie: Fantasy/action. Anything with magic is usually fine with me as long as it’s written well.
Me: What’s the longest thing you’ve ever written?
Sophie: My first “novel”, The Power Between Us. It was a complete disaster, all 102k words of it.
Me: What’s the best kind of weather?
Sophie: Sunny and warm with a slight breeze.
Me: Tea, coffee or neither?
Sophie: I usually don’t drink either, but I’d pick coffee over tea. I drink it at night sometimes when I’m writing. Caffeine only affects me for about five minutes for some reason.
Me: What gives you inspiration?
Sophie: My favorite artists, sometimes my friends. And definitely YouTube.
Me: What event in your life are you looking forward to the most?
Sophie: The day I get my first sub10 on my cube.
A big thanks to Sophie to letting me interview her (it was so much fun to read your answers!), and to all of you that read it. If you want to do a guest post on WritersBloK, let me know via the contact page!
Until next time,
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