I just recently started a new fanfiction, so I thought I’d post it here. It’s a retelling of the hunger games from Peeta’s point of view, with the same events and conversations but through his eyes. Here’s chapter one. 

The gong sounds.

It penetrates the air in a blast of fury, reverberating through the bright world around me and sending my ears ringing. It seems to last an eternity, the cry of the great gong, which signifies the beginning of the games.

The hunger games.

I start off blindly. My brain doesn’t seem to be functioning correctly, nor my heart. It beats at an unhealthy pace as I take off from the metal plate, letting my feet carry me forward at a speed I didn’t know I could move at.

Where am I going? Why is it so bright?

I realize with a pang of horror that I’m headed straight toward the cornucopia. The plan I constructed last night seems silly now. Even if Cato were to let me join the careers, I could be killed before I even reached him. But still, I have to try. It’s too late to turn back now, and anyway, Katniss’ life could depend on it.

If I can just keep the careers away from her…

I fall back as something hard makes contact with my jaw, and throw my arms out wildly at my attacker. I’m relieved to find that they’ve been held up from their approach by another opponent, and I’m able to get away. I ignore the throbbing pain in my jaw as I search the ground for a weapon, panic flooding through me. At any moment someone’s attention could turn on me.

At any moment I could have a sword through my back. At any moment… I spot the glistening silver of a blade and start toward it, crawling through the grass and hopefully out of sight. Just as I reach for the weapon, a moment before I can grasp the handle, a heavy boot stomps down on it.

I look up wearily to meet the eyes of the career from district one, Marvel. He’s tall, and stands looking down at me with a small smile playing on his lips. In his hand is a spear, which, from what I saw in public training, he’s an expert with.

I scramble backward, fear taking over my common sense. I back up against something and realize after a moment that it’s another one of the careers. The girl from Marvel’s district. Shimmer? Sparkle?

She twirls a dagger in her hand and smiles. “Hey, lover boy,” she says silkily, raising her voice above the sounds of screams and fighting that surround us. “Where’s your girlfriend?”

I swallow hard, and when I open my mouth to speak no sound comes out.

Come on, Peeta, what are you doing? My mind screams at me. Now’s the time to do it. To trick them into letting you join their group.

“Kill him, Glimmer,” Marvel says with exaggerated nonchalance.


Glimmer smiles. “I want to ask him something first.” I watch her hesitantly as she kneels beside me and leans close to me, her green eyes sparkling. She lifts her dagger as if to remind me that she could slit my throat in a moment, and whispers, “Tell me something. If you really love your sweetheart Everdeen, are you ready to die for her?” When I don’t say anything, she presses the dagger against my throat.

I cough and struggle away from the blade. “What if…” I play up an act of hesitance. “What if I helped you find her?”

Glimmer’s eyes flash, and her smile widens. “Not so head over heels after all?” She thinks for a moment. “Hey, Cato,” she calls.

I scan the area while her attention is away, and realize that the field is mostly empty, save for the bodies of the dead and dying tributes.

The district two brute, Cato, comes swaggering over with his sword laying against his shoulder and a willowy brunette at his side. “What’s the problem?” he muses as he approaches. “Don’t wanna die, twelve? What have you got to live for? The ‘girl on fire?’” He laughs like he just made a very clever joke.

“He says he’ll help us find her,” Glimmer says.

Cato throws his head back and lets out another booming laugh. When he looks back at me, he’s smirking. “You want her to die, twelve? ‘Cuz that’s what’s going to happen when we find her.”

I take in a steady breath. “I know her better than anyone. I know where she’ll go, and I know how to track her.”

“Oh yeah?” Cato’s face has skeptical written all over it.

“She’s a hunter,” I offer. “She sets snares. We can follow them as she makes them.”

Cato looks to Marvel, who shrugs. He whispers something to the girl who stands beside him, who I remember to be Clove, the girl from his district. His eyes are thoughtful when his gaze returns to me, and he rubs the back of his neck. “Alright, twelve. You’re with us.” Glimmer helps me up, and Cato approaches with his sword held out at me. “But one wrong move, twelve? You’re done. Understand?” I nod quickly. “Okay,” Cato says, raising his chin so he’s yet another inch taller than I am. He takes my sword from Marvel’s hand, and holds it out to me. “One wrong move,” he reminds me quietly, and turns toward the cornucopia. He crosses his arms and barks, “Somebody make a fire. We’re hunting tonight, so get whatever supplies you need for the forest.”

“But don’t we have enough food here at the cornucopia?” I ask hesitantly.

Glimmer’s smile is sinister. “We aren’t hunting for animals, lover boy.”

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