I’ve felt lost as a writer recently, and I hope that talking about it will help.

Here are some of my many writing problems:

. I’ve grown impatient.

I wrote a 23,000-word novella in one week, edited the whole draft twice the following day, and had ten beta readers lined up just hours afterward. While I waited for them to read the book I created a survey and started researching agents. I made a list of them, as well as a few publishing companies that were looking for fantasy novellas and accepted unsolicited manuscripts. I thought this meant that I was on a role.

It turns out, I lost a lot of my ‘spark’ in the process. When I asked my Mom for feedback, she said that the writing didn’t seem like mine. She thought I was moving too quickly. At first I was upset by this, but when I thought about it I realized that she was right.

My obsession with publication has grown so quickly over the past few months. My dreams of publication and fans and movie deals blinded me from the art itself- writing. I’m going to try so hard to fix this. I love writing more than almost anything.

. I doubt myself/Try too hard for perfection.

Last year I wrote a 56,000-word novel and decided not to publish. Now, almost a whole year later, I re-read it for the first time since abandoning it. And guess what?

I can’t believe I decided not to publish.

Not only that, but the writing seemed so much richer. I thought I’d improved greatly as a writer with all of my practice and reading on the subject, but I’m starting to wonder if I lost some of my talent. Compared to my writing from a year ago, my current writing seems bland. It’s not that I outgrew my ‘magic touch.’ It’s just that I quit worrying about what really mattered.

. I focus on other people too much.

You know how there are some people who get dressed in the morning with other people’s opinions in mind? Because they want to look trendy for other people? This is how I’ve become with writing. I’ve become so dependant on the feedback of readers, of my worries about my future audience’s opinion, that I’ve forgotten to write for myself.

Honestly, my writing life has become really depressing. It makes me doubt myself and my abilities, made me wonder if I need to take a break.

Maybe it’s what I need, and maybe not. I guess I just have to decide for myself what feels right. Because in writing, you shouldn’t make choices for your readers’ sake. You should write for yourself.

What a hard lesson to learn. I hope it makes me a better writer, now that I understand this.

What are your writing problems?

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2 thoughts on “My Writing Problems

  1. This is so inspiring, for some reason. It’s really brave of you to say this!

    Yeah, my writing problems are annoying:

    1. I’m a super perfectionist.
    2. I tend to get impatient and jump in without planning enough, creating a chaotic mess.
    3. I oftentimes feel like I’m not good enough.
    4. I don’t have a ton of time, and I know I’m not growing up to be a writer so I have this little tug of war in my head: schoolwork and tests and real life future VS. writing and stories and fun

    I feel you.

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    1. Thanks 🙂 And I understand all of those things. I think a lot of writers have similar hardships, which is why we have to stick together!

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