Welcome back, writers!

Today I have figured out once and for all (…it worked for me, at least…) how to come up with an awesome plot- and within ten minutes. Too good to be true? Have no fear, writers. I’m not known to lie (fingers aren’t crossed, honest!).

For this instant plot development method, head over to Pinterest or Google Images. Any website that has a large selection of pictures you can search through is now your new best friend. I recommend Pinterest because you can make private boards to save things on. If you want to follow me on Pinterest, click HERE.

Search for pictures in your favorite genre. I’m going to use fantasy as an example, but you can use whichever works best for you.

pinterest search.PNG

If you find any pictures that catch your eye, click on it.

pinterest character selection.PNG

Perhaps you see a drawing/person that looks like they could be an interesting character or a tool/world/creature that looks inspiring to you. If you’re on Pinterest, create a board titled ‘new book.’ If you’re on a search engine, create a folder on your computer with this title (or another, it’s up to you of course).

new book page

As you add photos that seem interesting to you, you’re building your story world. Look at your different characters, creatures, etc. How would they interact? As you build relationships between these, you are building the world for your story. In just an hour, I created a world with a strong history, strong characters, and a great storyline using this method. It may seem simple, but sometimes simple methods work!

Make sure to tell me if this works for you (if you put some imagination into it I’m sure it will), and follow me on Pinterest so we can be friends!

Happy writing (and brainstorming), all.

Until next time,

C. Marie Bohley magic style


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