This is the prologue for a fantasy/romance novella I’m writing. Recently I’ve found it hard to stick to one project- okay, I’ve always been this way- so some opinions might be nice. I need motivation!

Enjoy 🙂


     Randall had never felt so drawn to a human as he did when he first laid eyes on Marie Bennett.

She wasn’t the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen, but there was something different about her. She stood on her toes as if she would take off any moment, or perhaps topple over. She was slender and willowy, with long legs hidden by a soft pink skirt that brushed her feet when she walked. Her stride was elegant but shy, like she was made to glide but didn’t want to draw attention to herself.

Even from where he stood in the shadows of the town pub, Randall could see the way her sky blue eyes shone in the darkness. They flitted nervously around as she walked, framed by thick brown lashes that fluttered in a faint breeze. It was a fleeting movement like that of a butterfly’s wing, but Randall’s eyes were sharp. He saw things no human’s could. He did things no humans would dare to do.

Marie stopped in her tracks, letting out a soft breath and scanning the surrounding area. She crossed her arms over her chest, a shiver running up her spine. The light of the full moon made her skin appear translucent, and Randall’s shriveled black heart beat faster.

     She is mine, he thought greedily, his eyes not leaving the girl as she gathered the courage to walk onward. Or, she will be. Soon.

Marie’s brown curls swayed behind her as she walked into a dress shop. Out of sight, but certainly not out of mind. Randall leaned back against the brick wall behind him, a small smile on his lips.

What a treasure she would be. He could picture her wearing a long black dress made of raven feathers, walking down the Aisle of Shadows to meet him. He’d take her hands in his, slipping the ring of union onto one of her perfect, pale fingers. They’d recite the vows that would bond them for eternity, and they’d rule the realm of shadows forever. He would stand beside her in sickness and in health, and he would keep her safe. If anyone tried to hurt her, they’d wish they’d never been born.

Randall tilted his head to the side, studying his bride-to-be through the glass window of the shop. His black eyes glinted in a fragment of moonlight sent spinning through the alley by a passing carriage, and he smiled.

“Just you wait, my love,” he murmured, his eyes not leaving Marie. “We’ll be together soon enough, and then we’ll never be apart.”

He turned his gaze away from her and sunk further into the shadows, leaving the human realm and entering his own, the Realm of Shadows.

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